Spazio S invites artists in residence!


IMG_0215IMG_0179In May, Suzanne welcomed Marcelo de Melo to her new studio (Valeria E. Spazio S) in Ravenna as an artist in residence. It was very inspiring for her to work by his side and, for Valeria, it was a boost of energy. Marcelo worked on a new sculpture related to his series ‘Corpos Musivos’. This new sculpture will be unveiled at the MAR in Ravenna within the exhibition Montezuma, Fontana, Mirko: La Scultura in Mosaico dalle Origini ad Oggi, a survey show curated by Alfonso Panzetta. Marcelo decided not disclose details of his new sculpture until its exhibition in October. However, many friends and passers-by were lucky to see the work in progress. It was quite a spectacle! Suzanne is proud of having contributed to his venture by enabling him to create his sculpture in Ravenna through the art residency.


“Enfolded Debate”

IMG_0387IMG_0405IMG_0244IMG_0392IMG_0393IMG_0394-COLLAGEAt the end of his stay, Marcelo presented Enfolded Debate an installation inspired by French street artist Invader. In this work Marcelo recreated with paper Invader’s homage to Theodora and Justinian, removed from Ravenna’s historic centre in 2015 (a few days after the original installation). Enfolded within Marcelo’s installation is a handwritten copy of the online debate about Invader’s work, which outraged the Ravennate. Enfolded Debate invaded the space of the gallery in a phenomenological sense and reframed conceptually the debate on conservation and revitalisation of historic sites. Marcelo’s works are available for purchase, for price please write to

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